Design to expand human knowledge


I am a designer who is fascinated by data and fluent in a variety of visualization techniques. I find some of my greatest joy in crystallizing complex ideas into clear visual manifestations.

A fundamental desire to learn has led me through several fields: medical illustration, media arts, dance choreography, music, audio engineering, and geology. Although these fields are quite different, my experience of them is united by the drive to deepen understanding.


The commonality between science and art is in trying to see profoundly – to develop strategies of seeing and showing. - Edward Tufte


Drawing : Remembering My Roots

I have drawn things by hand since I was a child, it's a fundamental part of how I think, like a second language. Even when I make digital artifacts, my practice of sketching and drawing on paper is always included.

Some of my favorite subjects are insects because of their extraordinary forms and materials. I also love to draw the human form because of how exacting one must be to convey the proportions and expressions.

I find hand sketches to be very useful at the beginning of the design process for building consensus. They convey the idea, without being tied to a specific form.